About us

Moombix - for live, online music lessons.

Moombix is an all-in-one solution for online music education that includes a vigorous marketplace with profiles for each teacher, a booking and payment system, a timeline that charts all communications and shared files, a calendar, lesson-planner and a learning platform that is tailored for the online lessons with all the basic tools within reach.

The Learning platform

In Moombix the student and teacher can both easily access shared files and recordings and the platform includes a lesson planner, in-lesson progress bar, a recording feature, a messenger, filing manager and a timeline that allows both student and teacher to keep track of the student's progress and shared files.

The Marketplace

The Moombix marketplace is where you find a teacher that is tailored to your interests and you learn to play the music you really want to play. You learn at your own pace, on your own terms, from the comfort of your home. Moombix provides tools and a supportive environment that motivates the students to practise and play.

Moombix for schools

Moombix is intended for anyone who wants to teach or learn music online. The solution is available to schools either as an in-house solution or the schools can choose to use the Moombix marketplace to reach new audiences. If you are interested in hearing more, then please drop us a line at schools@moombix.com and we can arrange an online meeting to explain the product and our business model.

Moombix pricing and some nitty gritties

The teachers decide the price themselves within a reasonable range of 30 - 300 GBP. The lessons are 30 minutes each and the teachers are not obliged to take any student on board; a booking is only made if both parties agree on the booking.

A teacher who frequently cancels lessons without consulting with their students and/or arranges a different time for the booking, will lose the right to teach on the platform for a limited period of time. If that behaviour continues the teacher will be excluded from the platform. We expect both teachers and students to be polite. Inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated.


Moombix will record video clips from the lessons. If a student experiences an in-appropriate behaviour from their teacher they will have the option to report that and we will do as much as we are able to, to prevent that from happening.

Children are not allowed to use Moombix without a parent or caretaker being present with the child during the lesson.

The founder - Margret Juliana Sigurdardottir

Margret Juliana Sigurdardottir

Margret Juliana is an Icelandic serial entrepreneur and the founder of Moombix. She is a professional musician herself, a singer, pianist and a composer with a varied experience that ranges from jazz to rock and classical music. Margret Juliana graduated with honours from the Royal Academy of Music in London where she performed and taught music after graduation. After returning to Iceland she made a swift change in her career and founded her first startup. Along with her team she created the award-winning application Mussila, a musical game that teaches children the basics of music. Margret has received many awards as an entrepreneur. She was the Founder of the Year in Iceland at the Nordic Startup Awards 2017 and she has been recognised by Forbes as one of Europe's most promising entrepreneurs. Moombix, her second tech startup, is aimed to provide tools, and a platform for personal, real-time music lessons.